Abelha Cachaca Silver
Premium Organic Cachaça

Abelha Cachaca Silver Organic 39%

Abelha Cachaça is a full-flavored artisanal cachaca from Rio de Contas, a spiritual & timeless town in Bahia - Brazil, near the Chapada Diamantina national park. Marcos Vaccaro and a collective of farmers grow beautifully sweet organic sugarcane, which is fermented then distilled to produce an intense & aromatic nose of fresh sugar cane & stone fruits with a smooth dry finish. Abelha means Bee in Portuguese and much like in a beehive hard work and dedication are needed to produce a delicious and unique cachaça.

Abelha Organic Cachaça

Hails from Rio de Contas, a beautiful old mining town that sits amongst the hills and valleys of the southern Chapada Diamantina. Marco Vaccaro, a visionary, co-ordinates the Abelha Cachaça productions and is a recognized expert on organic agriculture in Brazil.

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